Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India
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Rev. Dr. S. Lawrence Ph.D.

Fr. Dr. S. Lawrence, the Secretary and educational co-ordinator of AISS, has focussed his time and energy in building up the infra-structural facilities and enriching the book collection in the AISS College library beside establishing a well known and scientifically strong psychology dept.

Rev. Dr. R. Essac MSW.,Ph.D.

The Principal, Fr. Dr. R. Esaac, is ably leading the Children’s and Youth Parliament as State Level Leader. He has done doctorate in Children’s Parliament and empowers the children towards better future.

Rev. Dr. P. Susai Manickam Ph.D.

Fr. Dr. P. Susai is an expert in communication and dedicate his working life to give the students all tools to better understand the word around them. As vice principal he assures a nice college environment for the students by following common rules.

Rev. Dr. A. Kulandaisamy Ph.D.

Fr. Dr. A. Kulandaisamy is in charge of having regular exams. His duty is to assure a correct and recognizable good management of the exams process.